Donors and Sponsors

In July 2012, the Association Former Synagogue Heinsheim was set up to support the preservation and reconstruction of the Former Synagogue Heinsheim.
One year later, the association was able to obtain the building and premises. Generous donations of individual donors made this step possible. The second step – the fundamental renovation of the roof framework and the roofing itself – was completed in 2014. Again, it was thanks to individual donations, but most importantly due to funding by the City of Bad Rappenau, the District of Heilbronn, Sparkasse Kraichgau and Fa. Blickle Räder + Rollen GmbH that this step could be taken.
In the meantime, further important restoration works were carried out thanks to support money from the Landesamt für Denkmalpflege, the Denkmalstiftung Baden Württemberg, the Foundation „Stuttgarter Lehrhaus“ and the state program „Rural Development“ (ELR).
The windows with the stony window and door frames, in particular the entrance portal with the precious wedding and the women’s gallery have been competently restored.
In the light of this pleasant development, we feel the urgent need to thank our donors for their generous support. We will go to great lengths to further advance the renovation and appropriate use of the historic synagogue.

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175 Jahre_WR_5_RGB

Stiftung Stuttgarter Lehrhaus

Denkmalstiftung BW

Landesamt Denkmalpflege

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