Mission – Aim

The Freundeskreis Ehemalige Synagoge Heinsheim e.V. (English: Association Former Synagogue Heinsheim) was founded in 2012 and was able to purchase the site of the former synagogue Heinsheim in 2013. Since then our aim has been to renovate the run-down building in order to create a vibrant and welcoming space for remembrance, dialogue and culture.

Preservation and Renovation

This is a unique, and perhaps the last opportunity to save this cultural treasure and put it to meaningful use. In order for that to happen, our first aim is to restore the dilapidated roof, which is a necessary prerequisite before actual renovation works can be taken up. For this costly enterprise to succeed we will, however, need your financial support!


By preserving the Former Synagogue Heinsheim as a formative memorial site and by hosting a permanent exhibition as well as specific events, we would like to keep the memory of the past alive. The concept of remembrance comprises:

  • Commemorating the individual lives and fates of former Heinsheim residents by presenting personal accounts and biographical evidence of their experience
  • Giving information on general history as well as Jewish religion and culture through presentations, exhibitions and additional educational material.
  • Sustaining and promoting the collective memory of former village life, in particular: its multi-faceted and changeful history, the co-existence, co-operation and conflicts of Jewish and non-Jewish culture, the influences both have on our present-day society, as well as their common roots and differences.


The Former Synagogue Heinsheim aims to create a space of encounter where guests as well as Heinsheim citizens and residents of neighbouring towns can come together and meet on a regular basis and for special events, such as:

  • festivities and events,
  • or for a dialogue between locals and guests, old-established residents and new citizens,
  • between descendants of Jewish and non-Jewish residents of Heinsheim, and
  • between people of different generations, nationalities, religions and cultures.


As a place of culture the Former Synagogue Heinsheim can raise awareness for the diversity of today’s Jewish and local culture and offer space for new artistic performances, for instance:

  • Concerts
  • Art
  • Cabaret
  • Lectures
  • Film viewings
  • Kurse
  • Workshops