Anneliese Wagner – The Girl who escaped from Germany

Dr. Andreas Rothenhöfer, a linguist at the university of Bremen, recalls the poet Anneliese Wagner during his lecture on February 6th, 2020 at the Wasserschloss in Bad Rappenau. Using her texts, he retraces the life journey of the Jewish survivor born in 1929 in Heinsheim.

Press Reviews:
Heilbronner Stimme: Heinsheimer Dichterin Anneliese Wagner dem Vergessen entrissen

Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung: Anneliese Wagner war das Mädchen das 1937 den Nazis entkam

Cordial thanks to our club member Dr. Andreas Rothenhöfer. His lecture easily conveys that not only sheer expert knowledge was incorporated but also that it required very time consuming and thorough research. Since he waived his fees, the event could take place free of charge for all interested participants. Instead, the donations received will flow directly through to the project “Synagoge Heinsheim.” Many thanks!
For Anneliese Wagner’s friends and family members unable to attend the event, Alice Vogt documented the lecture adding English subtitles. She was assisted by Professor Gabriele Wickert. Our thanks to them as well.
The Girl who escaped from Germany> Produced by Alice Vogt for the family and friends of Anneliese Wagner on Vimeo.


The Girl who escaped from Germany on Vimeo.